What would you do if you had an extra $2000 (or more!) Leftover after closing the sale on your Home?

• Family Trip? Down payment on a new car? Start a bank account for a child’s college Tuition?  OR?


• Plan on Selling your Home either using an Discount MLS Service or ForSaleByOwner (FSBO)?

Welcome to Thrifty Scotty’s Coaching Service!

For a small $99.97 investment for the next 30 days, we will Coach you on how to SAVE $1000’s of dollars no matter how you plan on Selling Your Home
(Note: We will refund double your money back if you can show us how we can not save you a lot of money with our Coaching…)

1st installment includes of our  Coaching Course Covers 9 Important Basic Topics:

#1) How to Prepare your Home for sale before you list it so you get the highest selling price for it.

#2) Best Choice of Web sites to use if you choose to the “For Sale By Owner” path or if you self list in your local  Real Estate MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

#3) How you can find out what documents you need, and if you need an attorney when doing an FSBO Sale.

Every state is different in its rules and regulations and Taxes when it comes to an FSBO Sale, we Coach you on how to find the regulations for your State so you follow all the rules and regulations correctly.

#4) Best Choice of Web sites to use if you want just to list your home on a discount “MLS” Sites.

Part #2 of our Coaching Service.And how to get a set of Comps and other common facts you will need to fill in an “MLS” Application form for only an additional $39.97 fee.

#5) How to get gobs of fee local information you will also need for the MLS from local real estate agents without paying for it, (NEVER, NEVER Sign Anything a RE agent asks you to sign, it will cost you those thousands of dollars we are Coaching you on How to Save)

#6)  If your home is part of an HOA (Home Owners Association) how that may affect your ability to do an “FSBO”. Your home is not always your Castle according to some “HOA”

#7) Do you need a Surveyor to create a new Survey of your property? We will Coach you on how to find out.

#8) We will Coach you on what to include in your FSBO or MLS Listings to entice more niche buyers to view your home.

#9) What is a Home Disclosure Report and how does it affect the Seller of a Home

If you decide to learn more details about doing your own “MLS” Listing hire a Home Inspector” Prior to listing my Home then you will need to Purchase our 2nd Installment of the Thrifty Scotty Coaching Service


Our Basic $99.97 (90 DAY) Service also includes 10 Free Email Questions** to our support team we will Research For you at No cost. You can send us with further questions we will research for you at a small additional cost  ( $9.99 per question ) for our Research Time.

Additional Months are $29.97 Each (30 DAY) service includes up to 3 Free Email** Questions to our support team we will research for you at no cost.

You can send us with further questions above the 3 Free ones, and we will research for you at a small additional cost  ( $9.99 per question ) for our Research Time.

You will also receive any updates to our basic Coaching Tips when needed, and we will share any new Coaching Tips suggested by our other Coaching Students.

• We only offer email support which may take up to 72 hours to reply to as we need time to look up and give you the proper coaching reply.

We do not offer a phone support line, because of the time it may take to more than just a few minutes on the phone to find the proper answers for you.

Basic (30 DAY)

$29.9730 day
  • Includes 3 Free Emails Questions

Premium (90 Day)

$79.9790 Day
  • Includes 12 Free Emails Questions

Disclosure: Thrifty-Scotty is a Coaching Service only, providing useful information on Selling your Residence. We are not Real Estate Agents, nor Financial Consultants.

It is up to the users of our service to do their own Due Diligence and research on the the information we provide. Material provided and links we supply are for Reference only, and we have no Financial Relationship with any of the links we provide.We do not guarantee any results, as results depend on how much effort is put into the Sale process by our Coaching Students.


Rev: 1 July 2020