Once you have decided to sell your home, it is OK to Interview a couple of the Local Real Estate Agents and pick their brains, this will cost you nothing…

Just call up a realtor that has a sign listed in your neighborhood, and tell him/her you are considering putting your home on the market and would like a Free Market.

  “Free Market Evaluation on your home”

Most real estate agents will jump at the chance, hoping to get your listing and

rack up on for example a $200,000 home a $6,000 ! commission for an 1/2 of computer time, and an hour sitting down with you at your kitchen table.

They will push you, and sometimes even try to “Bully you” into signing an MLS Agreement right away, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING,otherwise you will be kissing thousands of dollars out the window.

Just stand your ground and say you are not ready to list now, you want to improve your landscaping, and do some painting before you list with anyone. if they just show you similar houses on their laptop, ask them to mail you the “comps” on hard paper so have their suggestions in writing.

“Comps” = “Comparitive Current Listings AND Sales of similar Homes in your area”.

But the information they will give you about your neighborhood, and the “comps” they will give you on what similar homes have been selling for in your neighborhood will be a great start on when you do your own FSBO or Discount MLS Listing.

Pick their brain while you chat with them, what would they suggest you do to make your home more attractive to buyers, how long does it take to sell the average home in your neighborhood. Why are buyers looking at homes in your neightborhood.

— Because of the good schools

— Easy access to a highways to get to work.

— Or ??




Fact: Only about 25% of real estate agents make a living doing Real Estate, the other 75% are part timers and hardly make any money at all. They are all independent contractors and pay the real estate company for their office desk space, common area usage etc.

That does not mean they are not nice people, just terrible trying to be a Real Estate Agent. The good ones are rare, and far between, as they have usually moved up the ladder to concentrate on selling Estates  and Multi-million dollar Homes..

But Set up an Interview, and after the introductory chit-char, and them offering to do a “Home Evaluation” for you, and bring you some “Comps”, (Comps are Comparible sales in your neightborhood in the last 12 months or so.

Then you politely ask them the following questions:

a) How long have they been selling Real Estate.

b) Are they full time, or part time Agents

d)What type of real estate do they specialize in Homes?, Land? Commercial Properties?

How many sales have they closed in the last 6 months, 12 months??

e) Will they give you IN WRITING a detailed list of what promotion they will provide if you give them the listing,Paper Brochures,any newspaper advertising? How often will they do an Open House until your home is sold.

How many photos of your home will they take, will they be “Professional Photos” or just someone’s phone camera photos.

Ask them to show you on their laptop, some of their most recent listings..


In most cases, they will just give you Bla, Bla, Bla and avoid offering to give you any sort of committment on what they will do.

They will say, I will prepare your listing  you will be in the MLS, and all other agents in the area will see your listing… Ok, that’s what they want $6,000 for ???

You can create your own listing in the MLS, and all the other agents in the area will see it for under $500.00  if you follow our Coaching Suggestions. (Don’t tell them that